A Grueling Process

Author Craig Farestveit on writing Selling Sacred Ground

I can get one popular question out of the way here, “Craig, what was it like to write a book?”

The answer is “Painful”. For me it was quite similar to fulfilling a long-time goal of running an Ultra Marathon this past March. Besides the large investment of time, I found myself absolutely dependent upon the support and encouragement of those closest to me. For the race it was my running partners and my wife, Andrea. One of my running mates defines running best as “pain management while maintaining forward progress” and that may go for writing as well.

For the book, it was again Andrea that supplied so much of the encouragement to continue. It was not as if I could take time off to write, as I already work long hours to make my living in real estate.

At the finish line with my two running mates, Tom and Jeremy.

Jeremy, the one with the sandwich, paced me for the 6 and half hour slog through the hills on a cold and rainy day. He could have finished 2 hours earlier, but he slowed down to pace me. So especially thankful for my Andrea’s being there in the cold rain at the finish.

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